How can I avoid failed transactions?

1. Maintain sufficient funds in your account:

Before attempting an online or international transaction, make sure you have sufficient balance in your account. If you’ve saved your card information at a merchant for a subscription or recurring transaction (such as on Google Pay, Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, Foodpanda, Careem, Amazon, AliExpress, Midasbuy, etc.), please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account before the subscription charge date. Most merchant sites or apps where you’ve saved your card do not require further authorization from you once you’ve saved your card, and they can attempt the charge at any time of the day. If you do not have sufficient balance at the time of authorization from the merchant, it is counted as a failed transaction. Please load your account with sufficient balance early (well before the due date) to avoid this situation.

2. Check your card controls:
If your card is frozen or disabled (card controls are under the Cards tab on the NayaPay app) when a transaction authorization is attempted by a merchant with credentials you had provided, it will result in a failed transaction. Please make sure that your card is active and ready to use before an attempted charge, or remove the credentials of your frozen card from merchant sites.

3. Remove your card from websites or apps you don’t intend to use:
If you don’t want to incur charges for apps or websites, please remove your card details from all such merchants. NayaPay cannot do so on your behalf. Freezing your card or maintaining an insufficient balance to avoid charges from merchants you saved your card with is an abuse of cardholder privileges. Accumulating such failed transactions can result in penalties or removal from the platform.

4. Use your card on trusted sites and merchants only:
Avoid using your card with merchants that are not well known and those with weak card security controls. Such sites are often targeted by hackers and if compromised, can result in your card being used fraudulently. If you believe you are the victim of fraud or your card credentials have been breached, please block your card immediately and report the incident to us. You can reorder your card anytime (please note that reorder charges will apply).

5. Do NOT give your card or app credentials to anyone:
Several users have reported sharing their cards with friends or relatives and have later accumulated transactions (both approved and failed) that they don’t recognize. Please keep your card and account details, including card numbers, MPIN, OTPs, and passwords confidential, and avoid sharing them with anyone. Remember, NayaPay and its team will never ask you for your MPIN, OTPs, or passwords. If you need to use your card for a purchase on behalf of someone you know, make sure you enter the card details yourself on a trusted computer. You are responsible for your account, and the payment credentials issued against it, and are ultimately liable for its use.

6. Avoid sites, apps, or services which are prohibited by the Government or the State Bank of Pakistan: 
Sites that deal with cryptocurrency, block trading, margin trading, FX trading, and the like are banned by the State Bank under the circulars below (other circulars and directives from regulatory and government bodies may also apply):

In addition, please note that using your Visa cards on payment gateways from India or Israel is presently not allowed by the Government of Pakistan. Attempts to transact on sites, apps, or platforms that don’t comply with State Bank and Government of Pakistan directives will be counted towards failed transactions.