What are International Transaction Fees?

Due to the unprecedented depreciation of PKR, the fixed US dollar charges paid to our card scheme partner, Visa, for international transactions have increased significantly. In order to continue supporting international transactions using the Visa debit card in a manner which is sustainable to all our users, we must pass on a minimum transaction fee charged by Visa on all international card transactions.

Resultantly, effective March 6, 2023, a minimum fee of 0.25 USD (25 cents) plus government taxes will be applicable on all international card transactions including in-store, ATM, online and foreign transactions denominated in PKR. You can view details of fees and government taxes applicable on foreign transactions in all transaction receipts after updating your app from Google Play or App Store.

The charge will also be applicable to failed card transactions and users will be given a limit of 5 failed transactions per card. Once this limit is breached, the charge will need to be paid to continue to avail international transaction privileges of the Visa card. Limits can be reset by prepaying any accrued failed transaction charges.

Local card transactions and fund transfers on the NayaPay platform will continue to be free of charges.