What is the annual card-based international transactions limit set by the SBP?

In line with the State Bank of Pakistan's directive, customers are permitted to perform card-based international transactions of up to USD 30,000 per year. Your personal debit and credit cards, including your NayaPay card, should only be used for personal transactions, not for business-related transactions. 

You can continue using your NayaPay card for international transactions, but remember to keep the spending for personal use only and within the annual limit of USD 30,000.

  1. Is the USD 30,000 limit specific to my NayaPay Visa card?

No, the limit of USD 30,000 is per individual, not per card. This means it is a total limit for international transactions done using all your cards from across the banking industry.

Eg. If you have 3 debit cards, 1 virtual card and 1 credit card - USD 30,000 will be the collective yearly limit for all 5 cards.

  1. What will happen if I exceed the USD 30,000 limit?

If you exceed this limit, international transactions will be suspended on your card. This limit will reset on 1st November, after which international card privileges will be reinstated.

  1. Will my card stop working entirely if I exceed the limit?

No, only international transactions will be restricted. You can continue using your card for local e-commerce and POS transactions.

  1. Why has this limit been imposed?

This measure has been taken by the State Bank of Pakistan to control the outflow of foreign currency and strengthen our economy.

  1. How can I keep track of my international spend to ensure I don't exceed the limit?

It's advisable to regularly monitor your account statements and keep a record of your international transactions across all the accounts you hold. You can access your account statements on NayaPay by going to ‘My Wallet’ and tapping ‘Statements’.

  1. How does this new rule affect online purchases from international websites?

Online purchases from international websites are included in the USD 30,000 annual limit. We recommend keeping an eye on your overall spending across different cards to ensure you stay within the limit.