How do I send money to a bank account?

You can transfer money from your NayaPay account to any bank account in Pakistan!

  1. Just go to Send Money on the home screen and select Banks.
  2. Select your regulars, saved beneficiaries, or initiate a new transfer to any bank account in Pakistan. You can choose to send money via 1Link by adding the recipient’s bank account details or via Raast by entering the IBAN or Raast ID of the receiver.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to send.
  4. Add a personal touch by writing a little message for the recipient. (Optional)
  5. Verify the recipient’s details.
  6. Authenticate the transaction using your Face ID/fingerprint or enter your MPIN.
  7. Done! 

The amount will be transferred to the recipient immediately. You can check details of the transaction anytime on the Payments tab.