I lost my card. What do I do now?

Freeze your card in the NayaPay app by navigating to Cards, find the card you wish to freeze and pressing the Freeze Card icon below the card image. If you do not have access to your app, you can call (021) 111-222-729 to freeze your card through NayaPay Customer Service. (If you are calling from abroad, you may find it cheaper to call Customer Service on our international number +1 650 468 2078). Freezing your card will protect you from unauthorized transactions. If you find your card, you can unfreeze the card again in the app at any time (go to the Cards tab, find the appropriate card and press Unfreeze Card. You’ll be asked to confirm with your MPIN). If you are unable to find your card, you can order a new card through the app. Once you order a new card, your existing card will be blocked automatically.