How can I withdraw money from my NayaPay wallet?

You can withdraw funds from your NayaPay wallet in multiple ways: 

  1. Transfer to Designated Bank account: Click on Accounts → Send Money → Designated Bank Account. Enter the amount, select the Bank Account to transfer to, and then complete the steps.
  2. Transfer to any bank account: Click on Accounts → Send Money → Any Bank Account. Then select from your list of saved beneficiaries at the top or select a bank under Initiate New Transfer and follow the steps to complete the transfer.
  3. Using NayaPay business debit card: You can use your NayaPay Arc debit card for business expenses at any of 60,000 POS machines in Pakistan. You can also withdraw funds using the card at any of the 15,000+ ATMs in Pakistan. Please be aware there may be additional charges by ATM providers for using their machines.

* This service is only available to unregistered businesses. For registered businesses, funds can only be loaded by initiating the transfer from your company’s bank account using the bank’s portal or banking app (as shown in step 2 c), by making an over the counter deposit in cash (as shown in step 2 a) or using the wallet account as your default account to receive funds for payments.