How much does it cost to accept payments?

There is no charge for signing up for NayaPay Arc.

For accepting payments, NayaPay Arc charges a standard fee of 2% per card present transaction (on POS machines) deposited to your account in 3 business days and 2.99% plus Rs 30 for online card transactions with funds deposited to your account within 7 business days. Lower rates may be provided to businesses (such as billers) requiring processing of higher volume card transactions. Please contact NayaPay Arc sales if this applies to you.

Online transactions through IBFT, RAAST, QR codes or any wallet (including the NayaPay consumer wallet) made against an invoice carry a flat fee of 1.5% per transaction -- deposited within 1 business day. Loading your account through your bank’s IBFT or RAAST service is free -- but your bank may apply charges. Check with your bank to ascertain their charges.

In the case of a chargeback or dispute initiated by a customer with the card scheme or network, additional fees may be applicable. These vary from the nature of the chargeback or dispute and are in addition to the amount under dispute. For disputes settled directly between the customer and the merchant (where NayaPay, the card scheme or the network, are not involved) there is no additional charge by NayaPay.

Note: Rates are subject to change based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to, changes in or application of new regulatory mandates. All such revisions will be notified in the Schedule of Charges posted on our website.