My customer has sent me money; how do I verify that it has been collected?

When customers send you money, it will show up as a successful transaction in the Transactions tab with its status set as “collected”. This indicates that the payment network has received the funds and notified NayaPay of an impending transfer in the next 2-7 business days. As soon as NayaPay receives the funds from the network, it will deposit the funds into your designated account. At this point, the status will be updated to “deposited” and the deposit into your account will be displayed in the Deposits tab with details including deposit date and any fees.

In the event that a transaction was attempted by your customer but rejected by the card network, the reason will be provided in an easy to understand form in transaction details. In cases where the transaction fails due to rejection by your customer’s bank, you’ll need to inform your customer -- who in turn may need to contact his/her bank to resolve the issue. For example, some banks, in order to combat fraud, require their customers’ explicit permission to allow their cards to be used online and for a limited time window.