How can I add a customer?

To set up your Directory:

1. Navigate to Sales on the left pane of the dashboard and select the Customers tab to view and edit your Directory

2. Click Add New → Single Customer and enter customer details such as name, email address, mobile number and address.

3. Click Save and your customer’s record will be added to the Directory.

4. You can also add multiple customers to your Library in one go. Click Add New → Bulk and upload your CSV file. Please make sure you follow the template prescribed in the sample file.

You can also add a new customer and save their details while creating an invoice for them. Select ‘Enter customer name’ in the Customer Information section of the invoice and select ‘Add New’ from the drop-down menu. Enter remaining details such as mobile number and email address in the contact card and click Save to go back to the invoice. This customer is now saved in your Customer Directory and all his/her transactions henceforth will be tied to his/her profile in the directory.