A transaction has been made in my account but I haven’t received it in my account. Why is that? How can I resolve it?

When your customer pays an invoice generated on NayaPay Arc using a debit card, credit card or online transfer, the payment networks notify NayaPay that funds have been collected by them. It can take up to 2 business days for the funds to reach NayaPay -- after which they are deposited into your NayaPay wallet account or designated bank account.

Payments made without invoices are also similarly marked as captured -- confirming that the network has received the money. The networks credit NayaPay in approximately 2 business days after which NayaPay makes the deposit, subtracting any fees, to your wallet or designated bank account, and updates the status of the transaction as deposited.

If you have not received the funds in your wallet or designated bank account within 7 business days (or more depending on your agreement with NayaPay), please file a dispute in the Disputes and Refunds tab in the left pane. Our dispute resolution team will investigate and coordinate with payment networks and the issuing bank, if required, to resolve the matter.