How do I respond to chargebacks?

First, please collect digital copies of all documentation such as the invoice, receipt, proof of delivery, and any other information to support your claim that the charge was valid. Such additional information could also include relevant correspondence with the customer.

Next, please go the Disputes and Refunds tab in the left panel and find the relevant dispute. Click the dispute and attach all the evidence gathered in separate files. In addition to attaching evidence, you can also provide a written, qualitative rebuttal to back your claim.

Once you submit your rebuttal, NayaPay will review it and if it believes the proof is sufficient, it will coordinate on your behalf with the issuing bank. If the issuing bank accepts the evidence as conclusive, it will inform the cardholder and NayaPay. And the disputed amount will be credited back to your wallet account or bank account. If the issuing bank doesn’t accept the evidence the chargeback will remain.