How long does it take for funds to reach my account?

As soon as a payment is made against an invoice or otherwise, the payment is marked captured in the Sales and Transactions tabs. At this point, the network has notified NayaPay that a payment has been received but funds will be transferred to NayaPay within 2 - 7 business days. In the case of bank transfers using IBFT, it takes on average 1 business day. As soon as NayaPay receives these funds, they are credited to the merchant’s account, minus any fees and chargebacks. The status of the transaction is updated to deposited. In practice, the network transfers funds to NayaPay in bulk; that is, multiple payments as part of one large deposit, while NayaPay handles distributing these to merchants. Where possible, NayaPay ARC also matches payments against invoices so that NayaPay Arc customers have an end-to-end view of their sales and can track payments conveniently.