How does 3D secure benefit me?

Whether you are a NayaPay consumer or merchant, there are a number of benefits of using 3DSecure. As a consumer, when you use your card online, high risk, suspicious transactions will be flagged by Visa’s AI platform and you will be redirected to a secure website with additional instructions to authorize the transaction using your NayaPay app or through the OTP code received on the app. If your card credentials are compromised, you will still be prompted to authorize high risk transactions -- alerting you to possible fraud attempts early and enabling you to take steps such as cancelling and ordering a new card immediately (which can be done right on the app!). With 3Dsecure, you can shop online with the assurance that your online transactions are secure, and chance of card misuse is minimized.

Merchants with 3DSecure enabled on their sites online are also likely to see a reduction in fraud cases, disputes as well as administrative costs and losses arising from these. Customers will, over time, gain increased confidence using their cards on merchants’ sites with 3Dsecure resulting in increased sales.