How does 3D secure work?

When a user attempts to make a purchase online using his/her debit, the internet payment gateway provider* will check with the card network to ascertain if the consumer's card is protected with 3DSecure. If it is, the consumer will be redirected to a 3DSecure page of the issuer bank or EMI (in this case, NayaPay). On this verification page, the customer will be asked to follow instructions to authenticate the transaction. As a NayaPay user, you will receive a notification on your app to follow instructions to authenticate the transaction. Once complete, the card is charged and the merchant notified that the consumer has paid successfully. If the consumer uses the card of another bank, the authentication happens by entering a one-time password (OTP) received through SMS (on the mobile number registered with the bank).

* An internet payment gateway (IPG) provider may be an acquiring financial institution such as a bank or even an EMI with an IPG product. NayaPay also provides IPG services as part of its Arc platform.