In case of a fraudulent transaction on my customer’s card, will I be held liable?

If your customer’s debit or credit card (enrolled with 3DSecure) was used fraudulently and the customer filed a dispute with their bank, the bank will request a reversal of the transaction from the card network. The card network would then request NayaPay to proceed with the reversal or provide additional proof that the card was not used fraudulently. In such a situation, NayaPay will then contact you for additional evidence, failing which you would be forced to proceed with a refund. If proof is provided, it will be sent to the card network for a final decision which would be binding on all parties.

If the customer’s debit card was not enrolled in 3DSecure then, in the event of dispute, the card holder’s claim for fraudulent use will be weak, and your case stronger - resulting in greater chance that you will not be held liable.