How can I upgrade my wallet through the ATM?

You can upgrade your monthly transaction limits through the ATM by following the steps below:

1.     Visit a nearby Meezan Bank ATM with your CNIC number and registered mobile number on hand.

2.     On the ATM, select Biometric Services.

3.     Select NayaPay from the list of options.

4.     Select Biometric Verification from the list of options.

5.     Enter the following:

  •          CNIC number
  •          Your mobile number registered with NayaPay

6.   Follow on-screen instructions to provide your biometric impression by placing the indicating finger on the sensor.        

7.     A success message will be displayed on the ATM screen. You should receive a notification on your NayaPay app indicating that your account has been biometrically verified and your wallet limits upgraded. 

You can upgrade your wallet through the app as well. Just follow these simple steps.