How can I upgrade my wallet through the app?

You can upgrade your monthly transaction limits through the app by following the steps below:

1. Open your NayaPay app and tap on the “Upgrade” icon above your wallet balance.

2. Tap on “Upgrade through app” to proceed. As per NADRA’s requirements, please allow location access if disabled. Fingerprint scanning requires devices with a back camera of 5 MP or higher, and a flashlight.

3. Press “Continue” on the guidance screen. 

4. Following the instructions on the screen, place your fingers close together within the frame. The app will scan your fingers and take a picture.

5. Tap “Next” so your fingerprints can be verified from NADRA's records.

All done! Wasn’t that super easy? You can check your upgraded limits by tapping on “Check upgraded limits”.

If you want to upgrade your wallet through the ATM, you can follow these steps.