Is there a limit to the amount I can send/receive through my business account?

Account limits vary depending on the type of account and nature of your business. If you operate an unregistered business, your account will have a default limit of Rs. 500,000 per month as mandated by the State Bank of Pakistan. This is the maximum monthly amount you will be able to collect or load into your NayaPay Arc wallet. 

If you require enhanced limits for your business you will need to sign up for, or migrate to, a registered business account. Our onboarding and risk teams will quickly review your documents and set a limit assessed on the information provided. Setting up and monitoring limits is necessary to mitigate fraud and protect the integrity of the system. 
If you are an unregistered business and wish to migrate to a registered account, NayaPay can guide and assist you with registering your business with the Security and Exchange Commission. Once registered, the NayaPay Arc onboarding team will migrate your account to a registered account and enhance limits.