How can I refund a customer?

You can issue a refund to a customer in multiple ways based on the mode of payment used by your customer. Before attempting a refund, please ensure that your NayaPay wallet account has sufficient balance to cover the amount of the refund. If it does not, you will need to load your NayaPay wallet before attempting a refund.

If the customer paid using a credit or debit card on a POS machine in store, and the amount has not yet been settled, you can initiate the refund on the POS machine itself by selecting Cancel from the Home menu. Next, from the list of transactions, select the transaction to refund. If you intend to refund less than the amount paid, please select Custom and type in the exact amount. Next, enter your POS Super Admin PIN code to initiate the refund.

If the customer paid online using cards or bank transfer, or on POS, and the transaction has already been settled, a refund can be initiated on the NayaPay Arc portal up to 30 days after the transaction was made. Simply find the appropriate transaction in the Transactions tab on the left pane and click the three-dot-menu and choose ‘Refund’. Specify the amount to be refunded  and follow instructions to enter your MPIN to authorize the refund. Please note that in case of refunds for payments made online using IBFT, regular bank transfer (IBFT) charges will apply.